Buyers' Guide

If you are considering purchasing a home in Cyprus, you know that there is no shortage of choice. So, how can you be sure you are making the right decision?

At Dea Co Developments, we stand behind every project we build. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with quality, contemporary designs, modern amenities and communal recreational areas including BBQs, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, outdoor bowling and other facilities.

As for our service, just ask any of our existing customers; we are always at your side should you need us. Even if it’s only for a get-together at a neighborhood barbecue party. Dea Co is about real people with a real passion for building real homes.

Cyprus Law is based on the British Law system and over 90% of the island speaks English. It has a beneficial tax legislation with one of the lowest tax rates world wide for all companies. There is an excellent telecommunications system and a very reliable banking system, which has led to Cyprus having over 60,000 offshore companies register on the island. And with its easy Entry system, more and more foreigners are looking to purchase property on the island.

We offer assistance in finding a suitable legal advisor, as well as introducing them to our bankers, regarding all financial aspects.