Cyprus Permanent Residency

It is now very easy for a non-European citizen to obtain a permanent residency in Cyprus. With the purchase of a 'first time' residential property for a minimum price of €300,000  (Euros and non inclusive of the Vat, if applicable) applicants have the right to apply for Cyprus Permanent Residence. Once approved, this permit covers the whole family and lifts traveling restrictions and complicated visa requirements across the  European Union.


All  applicants will need to provide Bank statements and prove that they have a stable means of income, a clean criminal record and private health insurance. Once they have purchased the property they are able to live here immediately with a temporary residence permit. There is no minimum residence time required in Cyprus. Once the property is purchased the clients can fly back to their country; and they will be  allowed to apply for a multiple Entry Visa allowing them to enter Cyprus as often and as many times as they like. After a few months the applicant will receive from the government of Cyprus their Permanent Residence.